Portal 2 campaign is three times longer

Chet Faliszek has been part of the team at Valve since joining the company to help production on Half-Life 2: Episode 1. He has since worked on pretty much every Valve game and is the co-writer for upcoming Portal 2. According to Faliszek (whose surname is almost as insane as mine), Portal 2 “in terms of single player experience, [is] absolutely the best.”

Faliszek also confirmed that the single-player campaign is three times the length of the first Portal game. He added that the multiplayer is twice as long, but that it seems shorter than the single-player because you’ll have more than one person working on a puzzle.

Of course, Faliszek did mention that there are plans for DLC support after Portal 2 has launched (which is next week!) but that he could not go into specifics. To celebrate the imminent launch of one of the most anticipated titles of the year, here’s the final Cave Johnson investor promo video. Did you know that Aperture Science has a fully automated, human corpse disposal system? Who knew!

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Source: The Gaming Liberty