Ubisoft announces new Kinect exclusive

It’s called PowerUp Heroes and it’s a Kinect controlled fighting game that has you transforming your Xbox 360 Avatar into a spandex-sporting combatant. Full-body fighting games have been tried before on Kinect (Fighters Uncaged springs to mind – I wish it hadn’t) but perhaps Ubisoft’s shirking of realism will be in this title’s favour.

The concept is simple: grab your Avatar, stick him or her into a “super suit” and take on CPU-controlled opponents or your friends in one-on-one combat. There are a total of 20 super suits to collect; each time you defeat an opponent, you’ll get the power from their super-suit. It’s like Highlander, only less Scottish and with no swords.

PowerUp Heroes will see a full retail release in June. There’s a tongue-in-cheek announcement trailer that reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, so it can’t be all bad, can it?

Hit the jump for the video.


Source: Eurogamer