Anonymous vows continued attacks

Earlier this week it was revealed that a settlement had been reached between Sony and PS3 hacker George Hotz. The settlement document has since been leaked online, but to be honest it’s loaded with so much legalese an insomniac who lives on a diet of Red Bull and uppers would be put to sleep in an instant.

What we’re really eager to find out is what’s happening with that obnoxious Hotz, and what of the Anonymous attacks against Sony’s PlayStation websites?

Despite the fact that Hotz claims to be relieved that the whole thing is over, it hasn’t stopped him from hopping onto his blog to spew yet another anti-Sony diatribe akin to Zuckerberg’s break-up rant in the opening scenes of The Social Network. Bummer, we were hoping for another totally hip rap song.

Posting on his blog, Hotz proclaimed, “As of 4/11/11, I am joining the SONY boycott. I will never purchase another SONY product. I encourage you to do the same. And if you bought something SONY recently, return it. Why would you not boycott a company who feels this way about you? There is much more to come on this blog.”

We bet Sony will be unable to sleep at night knowing they’ve lost Hotz as a customer.

As for Anonymous, the group rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the Internet, they’re pledging continued protests against Sony. In a new, totally scary and totally intimidating video released onto YouTube, the group has requested members to put on their Guy Fawkes masks and organise protests at Sony shops across the globe. Hopefully they’ll get bored as soon as they’ve realised most people have stopped taking them seriously.


Sources: Eurogamer & Kotaku