Deus Ex advert will make you want to chop off your hands

Well, it made me want to at least. That way I’d be able to play an instrument that’s a little more complex than five coloured buttons and a strum bar. What? That totally is a musical instrument; if I don’t hit the right colours then bam! No guitar solo in Hotel California.

The viral marketing video is an “advert” for Sarif Industries and their cybernetic augmentations. Their goal is to “help you explore your talents in ways you’ve never dreamed possible”, by slicing off your passé fleshy bits and substituting them with awesome, cold and lifeless augments that scream “I’m from the future, bitch!”

It’s an awesome trailer because it stays true to itself by not mentioning Deus Ex once. It then directs you to the Sarif Industries website, where the viral marketing rabbit hole goes deeper. There’s even a fake RSS news feed that points to stories of augmented people performing amazing feats – attention to detail FTW. Granted, that website has been live for months now, but with the game’s release looming it was due for more attention, and this new “trailer” certainly pulls your attention back. Here’s hoping this is the first of many Sarif adverts to come.

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