The Studio brings digital art to your PS3 and PSP

For fans of street art and graphic design, it doesn’t really get any better than this. Over on the official PlayStation Blog they’ve just announced the launch of a new PSN shopfront called The Studio. The new feature will allow you to pick up static and dynamic themes for your XMB that have been designed by some of today’s top graphic artists and illustrators.

Artists adding their work to the collection include the likes of Muse album-cover artist Jasper Goodall, whose work is instantly recognisable. Rex Crowle’s work will also be available – he is one of the original designers and creators of LittleBigPlanet. Those of you who are into design and art will be able to recognise more names I’m sure, but even if you don’t the work on offer is really awesome.

The Studio launched on overseas PSNs last night. The good news is that I checked the South African PSN this morning and to my delight was greeted by The Studio as well. Prices for the themes range from R15 to R30 each, but to be honest some of the content is worth it. The bonus is that you can preview everything before you make any purchases; something a certain other console lacks as a feature when buying themes.

There’s a showreel of what’s available after the jump.

For PlayStation Plus members The Studio gets even sweeter as you’ll be able to pick up the themes at a reduced price. What’s more you’ll get six free themes to download per year.


To celebrate the launch of The Studio, you can pick up a static theme for free, but only for the next two weeks so get it while you can.

Just the other day I was browsing through the themes I’ve downloaded, and I was moaning about how they’re all pretty lame. Thanks to The Studio I can now adorn my PS3 and PSP XMB with that trendy, street art stuff that’s becoming so wildly popular amongst the pretentious design types. And you know what, I actually really like the stuff as well so I’ll wear my hipster label with pride. I draw the line at skinny jeans though – what the hell is up with that anyway?

Source: PlayStation Blog