Freaky Friday Distraction

Scientists(tm) discovered that yawning is a social memetic that indicates brain-activity. As in, if you don't yawn when others yawn, or when you see someone yawn, or while looking at this kitten, it means science thinks you're mentally retarded. Trueth.

OH EM GEE YOU ARE SO BORED! We have the cure. FLASH GAMES. Yay! Click Read More to apply directly to eyeballs. Warning: do not apply website directly to eyeballs.

Like this, but totally more exciting when it's moving and there's fireballs and stuff btw if you love orcs don't play this game because you totally kill them and that'd make you sad you orc-lover.

Wizard’s Run: You’re a Wizard and you’re running (upwards). Kill monsters, gain experience, upgrade your spells. Save the kingdom. You know you want to. Playing like a shmup, but smelling like an RPG-thing. Fishy, but lovely. There are three magic types you can upgrade, each with their own little tree of active and passive abilities. It’s very cute.

i was once a treehouse i lived in a cake but i never saw the way the orange slayed the rake i was only three years dead but it told a tale and now listen, little child to the safety rail

Fade: Do we really need another Canabalt clone? No, but this one has a llama, achievements and all sorts of fun upgradey-type things. There’s a hidden (not really hidden) “colour mode” that will make your eyeballs lick each other. Listen to the back-beat, doesn’t it sound familiar? Llama llama duck.