Need a Diablo lore refresher?

We get it, you’re a busy person. There’s work to be done (pffft, whatever) and games to be played (woot) so you really don’t have the time to recap the events from the first Diablo in anticipation of Diablo III eventually getting here – how’s that for optimism?

Fortunately a hyper-geeky lady who goes by the alias “Dodger” has put together a one minute cartoon which recaps all the important bits of Diablo. This is the first in a planned series of “Lore in a Minute” videos by the YouTube channel The Game Station. It’s pretty damn funny and highlights just how douchey that pious bastard Tyrael really is. I mean come on, who is he trying to impress with those wings? He’s an archangel; he’s not supposed to be scoring chicks and random hook-ups.

Anyway, it’s worth a minute of your time. If you enjoy it then head on over to Dodger’s YouTube channel; it’s called Press Heart To Continue.

Douchey Tyrael after the jump.


Via: Kotaku