Wii 2 rumour round-up

On Friday, Dane posted that the Wii 2 rumour mill had officially kicked into high gear. Over the course of the weekend, that rumour mill has become rocket-propelled. There are supposed internal specs already floating about for the Wii 2. Backwards compatibility has also been mentioned and there are details of a crazy new controller that sports a six-inch touchscreen.

According to sources the Wii 2 is codenamed “Project Café” – the espresso maker is yet to be confirmed, however. What has been “revealed” are the specs of the machine that is supposedly “a bit more powerful” than an Xbox 360. The Wii 2 will feature a triple-core IBM PowerPC CPU, an ATI GPU from the R700 line and no less than 512MB of RAM.

The internal specs for the Wii 2 are courtesy of website 01net, which is the site that revealed the spot-on NGP specs before Sony had a chance to reveal the unit itself. 01net has also added details on the screen-touting controller, which was initially revealed by CVG.

The Wii 2’s controller will have a built-in six-inch touchscreen as well as a front-facing camera, two triggers, two bumpers and a D-pad. Apparently the controller can also double as a sensor-bar for when you feel like breaking out your older Wii games.

Exactly what the touchscreen on the controller will be utilised for is anyone’s guess. IGN has revealed that sources tell them the Wii 2 will be able to stream “entire games” to the screen on the controller, thereby allowing you to continue the game while away from your actual console. Sounds almost too good to be true and would surely fragment Nintendo’s DS handheld market.

So what we have so far is a codename, specs and a new controller with a built-in touchscreen. Motion-control is obviously still a factor as well, and is supposedly more accurate than the PlayStation Move. Expect many rumours to be confirmed and squashed when E3 kicks off on 07 June 2011.

Sources: CVG 1, 2, 3 & IGN
Header: CVG Mock-Up