Go play Steamlands right now!

Good lord, how slowly is this day going? I’ve got just the solution: a Steampunk tank-building game that’s free-to-play in your browser right now! If your workstation is nestled away from the humdrum of your workplace/varsity/school, then head on over to Nitrome’s website and dive into Steamlands. Just don’t get caught playing games while you should be doing something constructive. Bet you wish you worked at NAG HQ now; playing games there is considered constructive.

Anyhoo, Steamlands is a terrific amount of fun. You start off with a very basic little steam-powered tank that is only capable of lobbing flaming pieces of coal. After a few adventures in the wastelands, however, you’ll have scavenged all sorts of shooty-death-guns to adorn your mechanical beastie so that you can take on pirates and other threats to the rebuilding of civilisation.

Head on over here and get going. The website will save your progress so you can spend as much time as you want on the game. The art style is terrific as is the control system. Good times in general so go build yourself the best Steampunk tankling your imagination will let you. The link to the game is courtesy of resident NAG forumite DukeOfPrunes’ twitter feed. Thanks Mr. OfPrunes!

The Outer Worlds Title
The Outer Worlds will get to the Switch eventually, they promise