No deathmatch in Rage

What is the world coming to when an id game features no classic deathmatch or capture the flag modes in multiplayer? Rage will be the first id FPS ever to be released without the multiplayer mode that the development team practically invented.

Fear not, however, and trust in your mighty id overlords because the decision to drop classic deathmatch is not such a bad thing within the context of Rage. Tim Willits (Creative Director for Rage) recently chatted to a bunch of journalists and said that the decision came about because id wanted to focus on the new gameplay mechanics presented in Rage rather than rehash the staple multiplayer modes.

Fair enough; after all, Rage is a bit of a departure from id’s normal FPS design to begin with. While the post-apocalypse shooter will still be first-and-foremost an FPS, it will be open-world and there will be loads of cars and vehicular combat. With that in mind, what multiplayer features will be in the game?

You guessed! Rage will have a car combat multiplayer mode called Combat Rally. Six racers will have to tear around the map to reach varying checkpoint markers, all while shooting the crap out of each other. The checkpoints, however, are not placed in a linear fashion so will steer the race through multiple areas of the map.

The other multiplayer mode revealed is called Legends of the Wasteland. It’s a co-operative multiplayer mode that sees two players joining forces to take on eight specifically designed missions. How this all ties into the game’s single-player experience is rather neat: as in most open-world games there’s a lot of talking between characters, and many of the stories will be about supposed happenings in the wasteland. Those supposed happenings actually do happen… in multiplayer. So you might come across a bloke in single-player mode who tells you about two heroes who saved a town’s water source from bandits. That premise would then provide the mission objectives for one of the eight Legends of the Wasteland co-op missions.

And what would a contemporary game release be without the hint of downloadable content? Willits has said that id is likely to provide further missions as DLC for the Legends of the Wasteland multiplayer mode.

Source: Eurogamer