Will Modern Warfare 3 use a new engine?

Hell no it won’t! Which is actually a bit of a bummer, but there’s not much we can do it about it. Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist (ooh, fancy title!) Robert Bowling has confirmed that the next instalment in the obscenely popular Activision franchise will not be made on a new engine.

Is that good news, or bad news COD fans? According to Bowling, developing a new engine for Modern Warfare 3 would be “counter-productive”, which means your next pew-pew laden military FPS adventure will look a lot like the previous one – because it will use the same engine as Modern Warfare 2.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Battlefield 3 didn’t look so eye-splosioningly amazing. EA has already said that they’re aiming to remove the Military FPS crown from Activision’s head, and it looks like they might be entering the next round with a bit of a leg-up in the graphics department. Not that graphics make a better game, but in a genre as thoroughly populated as the military FPS one is, they kind of help you to stand out in the crowd.

Source: Project NATL