Doom 4 is no “re-skinned Rage”

I’ve been waiting a long time for this: the chance to write something, anything new about Doom 4. Seems today is the day that’s totally going to happen, because Eurogamer has had a delightful chat with Matt Hooper (id’s design director) on the approach they’re taking with the game.

Hooper says that the Doom 4 team is “going in their own direction. They’re doing something Doom fans will be happy with. I try to support them as much as possible. It’s a good thing. We’re separated enough to be able to go our own ways, but still connected where we can help facilitate both those directions.” Hooper then went on to state that the game “is distinct enough. It would be dangerous… We don’t want to make a re-skinned Doom [with Rage] and then Doom 4 be a re-skinned Rage. That would be bad.”

Hooper also happily says that development of Doom 4 is “going great.” Back in 2009, id’s Todd Hollenshead revealed that the game is not a sequel to Doom 3, but it’s not a reboot either. There’s plenty of talk about how the game is very much “classic Doom,” and that’s really all that matters.

You can read the rest of Mr Hooper’s comments here. Miklós also wrote some words yesterday detailing what you should expect from Rage’s multiplayer. When you’re done with all that, here’s a fancy new Rage trailer that unveils one of the single-player missions you’ll see in the game. While you’re watching that, I’m off to pour buckets of lava all over Michael’s Minecraft house. That’ll teach him to not spoil Portal 2 for me.