Hooray! Mass Effect 3 screenshots!

The first two screenshots for BioWare’s final instalment in the Mass Effect trilogy have cropped up online courtesy of Game Informer. If you didn’t know that Mass Effect 3 was coming, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these are screenshots from any other Mass Effect game – thank goodness for game logos on the bottom left.

It’s typical Mass Effect stuff: there’s lens flair! There’s ridiculously oversized suits of space armour! There are ‘splosions! And of course, there’s Shepard. Not your Shepard, but the bog-standard one that lazy bastards like myself use because we couldn’t be bothered to spend ages customising our own Shepards.

And as an added bonus, we’ll throw in a supposed render of what Ashley Williams looks like in the third game (providing she’s still alive in your version, I guess). SPOILER: she looks hawt – Ms. Lawson has some competition.