Crytek confirms free SDK for community

Crysis 2 looks hot, that much is obvious, but haven’t you just been dying to get your hands on the inner workings of  CryENGINE 3? If not, there’s obviously something wrong with you, but this bit of news is for those who are interested in tinkering with this marvel of modern gaming.

In an open letter on, the company’s CEO Cevat Yerli states that there will be two releases this year for modders and would-be developers alike. The first release will be the Crysis 2 editor in Q3 2011, which will allow users to build their own maps, items and other content for the game. Then, in August, Crytek will launch the entire SDK (Software Development Kit) for CryENGINE 3. With this software, which won’t cost users a cent (although expect licensing fees if you want to go commercial), one could build an entire game based on the engine, much like what’s possible with the UE3 SDK. That’s the entire software package that big companies use to make big games, available to you for absolutely no money.

I’m always pleased to see studios offer their development software to the public at no cost. Not only does it give indie developers and modders a chance to work with high-end technology without the need to lay down huge amounts of capital, but by expanding the userbase of the studio’s software, they’re solidifying their own future in the industry by creating demand for their products. Sounds like winning to me.

If you’re not yet convinced that CryENGINE 3 is gobsmackingly brilliant, then watch this video. I highly recommend that you view it in 720p if you’ve got the bandwidth to spare.