Mortal Kombat looks set to try and one-up every other fighting game on the planet. By their nature, fighting games are violent and brutal; Mortal Kombat has escalated that to obscene proportions. They win that round and it’s unlikely that anyone out there would think otherwise.

The other fighting game staple is female characters in ridiculously revealing attire that offers next to no protection. The SoulCalibur series tries its damndest to leave nothing up to the imagination (Ivy), and other fighters like Dead or Alive 4 do the same. Mileena’s current costume is already somewhat revealing, but apparently not enough.

Enter Mileena’s third alternate costume, if you could even call it a costume. Alright Mortal Kombat we get it, you take fighting game staples just that much further. You happy now?

Via: Destructoid

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