Rumour mill update on the wii 2

But don’t call it that anymore because it’s unlikely to hold onto the Wii moniker. The code name was supposedly “Project Café” but even that’s now been dropped in favour of “Stream”. This is possibly a reference to the new console’s possible ability to stream full games to the touchscreen-equipped controllers. If that is indeed the console’s final name, it’s a good thing Nintendo has dropped the Wii part. Gross.

According to IGN, the unit could retail at somewhere between $350 and $400, which is just less than the R3000 mark. If that rumour is accurate, it’s likely the price will be around the R3000 – R3500 mark in South Africa. IGN also thinks that Nintendo’s latest console will ship as early as October 2011. And yes, it will definitely output hi-def graphics.

As for developers, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling has mentioned the following as already having development units: Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Konami, Namco, Rockstar/Take Two, Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. Nintendo is apparently choosing to focus on third-party developers this time round (thank god) and the console might not launch with any first-party games at all.

Third-party support extends to hardware as well. What’s more, the console’s download service will be a vast improvement on the Wii’s.

Insofar as games are concerned, it is rumoured that Eternal Darkness 2, StarFox, Grand Theft Auto V and a new Resident Evil are all being developed. Naturally, Hideo Kojima has also been linked to the new console, so expect something from his team as well.

Don’t forget that none of this has been confirmed (or denied) by the big N, so for now just carry on and don’t panic.

Source: Destructoid & IGN