Gearbox helps Borderlands fans get engaged

Here’s proof that Gearbox just might be the greatest bunch of developers on the planet. Not only did they bring Duke back from the dead (adding validity to the oft repeated mantra, “always bet on Duke”) and bring us Borderlands, but now their animation team has spent a week putting together a Claptrap-infused proposal video for a guy called Ben.

Why did they do it? The viral marketing opportunity is the obvious one, but they also did it because Ben just asked them really nicely. He and his girlfriend (now fiancée) are both massive Borderlands fans so he thought he’d give it a shot. To his surprise Gearbox said they’d help out, and Randy Pitchford (Gearbox president) even got involved.

The video is typical Claptrap hilarity and it makes for the most inappropriate proposal ever. Fortunately Ben’s fiancée Tora admitted that the couple themselves were “a little inappropriate” so no harm there.

Hit the jump for the video.


Source: Kotaku