Update your 3DS firmware, get Excitebike for free

Excitebike! Holy crap! I used to love that game. I never actually owned it, but I spent countless hours playing it on friends’ Golden China rip-offs when I was younger. Now, Nintendo has revealed an incentive for people to upgrade their firmware, which is weird because I was always under the impression that up-to-date firmware was something that most people, you know, wanted anyway.

Be that as it may, if you download the upcoming firmware update, you’ll get a free copy of the classic Excitebike. The added bonus: it’ll be in 3D. Did we mention it was free as well? Next month’s firmware update will add the eShop feature and 3DS web browsing program to Nintendo’s new toy. Presumably, the free copy of Excitebike will become available via the brand-spanking-new eShop front.

Also: is it weird that a game as old as Excitebike is the one that has finally made me interested in owning a 3DS? If Nintendo loads that eShop with classic gems like this, then I will be picking up a 3DS sooner than I thought. Now bring me Super Mario Bros. 3 as well please.

Source: CVG