Deus Ex campaign is how long?

Hey, so the new Deus Ex game is right around the corner – that’s exciting! If you’re not excited then you’re probably too young to have played the original back in 2000. Actually, now that I think about it, that wasn’t that long ago, so really you have no excuse not to be excited. Be excited damn it!

Seems people complain a lot about the length of single-player campaigns these days. Fortunately the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution is totally down with the idea of lengthy campaigns. It’ll take you around 25 hours to complete this one providing you don’t deviate from the main story missions.

Yowsers! That’s pretty lengthy, but the game’s art director, Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, says most people will take longer and 25 hours is probably the minimum. “In the playtests we’ve been doing at work we usually have people playing the game Monday morning to Friday night – they play from nine to five – and some of them don’t even finish it. The ones who do play it in 25 hours or so – that’s because they know that they’re limited. They do a few side-quests and they snoop around a little bit, but they mostly want to finish it.”

So, is that long enough for you?

Source: Eurogamer