New Microsoft studio developing a “core” Kinect shooter

Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver is a newish development team that is currently working on a “core AAA shooter experience using Kinect”. This is not the first time Xbox 360 gamers have had the two words “Kinect” and “Shooter” squeezed into a sentence together; a few months ago it was rumoured that a Kinect Gears of War game was on the cards. Whether that still exists is anyone’s guess.

The team at MGS Vancouver is currently working on “an original IP” that utilises Kinect “in new and unique ways”. The team also claims to be focused on “highly experimental gameplay” for Xbox 360 and its motion-sensing peripheral.

News of this work on a Kinect shooter was let slip by the company’s Senior Artist, Shawn Woods who revealed the project via an online CV. It sounds as if things are in the very early stages as the company has job postings for Senior Level Designers and Senior Technical Game Designers.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how a shooter would work with Kinect?

Source: Kotaku