Last month, THQ registered domains for “,” “” and “” This led to rampant speculation that a spinoff, sequel or expansion was in the works for last year’s surprisingly engrossing Metro 2033. The sequel had previously been known as Metro 2034, so general opinion gravitated towards it being some sort of spinoff title. Turns out general opinion was wrong, because THQ has now officially confirmed that Metro: Last Light is the sequel to 2033’s gritty, atmospheric and downright strange take on post-apocalyptic FPSery.

And… well, that’s pretty much all we know so far. Still, it’s got me mighty excited. I jumped on Metro 2033 late last year after one of Steam’s mad sales and it ended up being one of my favourite games of the year. There are few things more beautifully terrifying than having to pump up your makeshift, pneumatic SMG while mutants claw at your bits. Bring on the sequel!

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