Want a rainbow-crapping unicorn in Red Faction?

Want a rainbow-crapping unicorn that will be the most powerful weapon ever experienced in the history of ever? Who wouldn’t, right?

Here’s the deal: about a week or so ago, a video crapped cropped up on YouTube that was made by Freddie Wong and friends. You can watch that here.

Mr.Toots (the unicorn, of course) is the property of Volition Inc., and that means he will be making an appearance in Red Faction: Armageddon if we as a gaming community pull finger and give-in to THQ’s demands. How will we get Mr. Toots in the game?

By downloading the Red Faction: Armageddon demo one million times. What? That’s a little steep though, isn’t it? I remember EA games tried to release a free DLC pack for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit if people watched the trailer one million times on YouTube. It didn’t work out so well. Now we have to download an entire demo? I can’t see Mr. Toots ever seeing the light of Mars, which makes me sad.


Who knows, perhaps the lure of a rainbow-crapping unicorn gun called Mr. Toots will be enough to galvanise a million people into downloading the demo after all. The PSN downtime won’t help things though and neither will the lack of PC demo. So Xbox 360 gamers, Mr. Toots’s fate lies in your hands. The demo is out already so get downloading people!

Source: Kotaku