MWEB’s war on latency continues

Are you an MWEB subscriber? Do you play MMOs? Are you tired of being outplayed by noobs just because they have a latency advantage? MWEB feels your pain, bro, and is offering a unique solution to the age-old problem of stuck-at-the-arse-end-of-Africa. No, they haven’t offered to fly all online gamers to Europe (although that would be sweet); instead, the service provider has launched a program called WTFast which, according to the FAQ, will “streamline your game data to the game servers.” Simply put, your data will go through the most efficient channels to reach the server on which you game.

Cool Xbox controller, bro.

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Currently, WTFast is only available to Windows and requires that you install special software. You’ll also have to pay for the priveledge of out-pinging your fellow Saffers, but MWEB is kindly giving away 500 free six-month subscriptions to the service to quell the doubters.

WTFast supports all TCP-based games, which, according to the FAQ, is the majority of MMOs. That means that FPSes won’t be able to benefit from this service, but most local FPS gamers tend to play on local servers anyway (many of which are hosted by MWEB).

We have to admit, the many facets of MWEB’s online gaming campaign have impressed us already; this is one more step in the right direction. Now we just have to wait and see what the other local ISPs do.

You can check out all the details here.

Thanks to MyGaming for discovering this.