Up until now, all we’ve known about Soul Calibur V is that it has to adhere to strict boob regulations. Picture after the break. Namco Bandai has unveiled more details today, things like there being a new character, that it’s set 17 years after SCIV, and that it’ll be on Xbox 360 and PS3. The main character is Patroklos, son of Sophitia. Patroklos is “inspired” by the gameplay of Sophitia, but is “sharper” and “more agile”. He has new moves, but they’re all inspired by Sophitia’s. SCV takes the Siegried ending of IV and builds upon it. Seigfried, now 39 years old, no longer wields the Soul Calibur sword. SCV is described as a “generational shift”, complete with new characters, but SCIV characters will return. Pictures of the new character and Siggy’s redesign after the break.




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