Get your rocks off to this Duke promo

I’ll start this news post with a quote from Devon Stanton, the guy at Megarom who sends spam mail to important industry people.

“Duke is around the corner and to embrace it’s forthcuming (see what I did there) there are a few new sites that my interest you…”

Tsk, tsk, Devon.

Link and details after the break.

Now that I’ve successfully shamed the obvious pervert, I can get on with the actual news: those links that he shared with me. Well, actually it’s just one link, since they both redirect to the same place, but this is it: This is a flash-based (oh LOL, double-meaning) shooting game in which you pair off against a stripper in the attempt to shoot more aliens than her. Beat her score each level and she’ll remove an item of clothing.

For scientific purposes, I played through a few levels (and no further; the office park security gaurd is watching me play from outside and it’s getting a bit weird) and indeed, there are videos of woman who remove their clothes as a result of your ability to follow a bright red target and click on it. So, yeah, this is totally NSFW (if you select the option) and is basically porn.

At least we know that Duke‘s marketing campaign is consistent. Expect boobs now; expect boobs in the game as well.