Help local gaming cafe get drunk

It must be my day for receiving strange emails.

Cape Town-based LAN group Gamers Crypt has launched a fantastically bizarre campaign to promote their gaming cafe: for every person who likes their Facebook page or follows them on Twitter, they will drink one beer on the 27th of May. Now, this isn’t a problem right now; the four-strong group of men (who are listed here) look like they can handle the 85 beers they’ll have to drink as the total sits right now, but it’d be interesting to see if they can handle double, or even triple, that amount.

In case you don’t believe any of this, the group will demonstrate their binge on the 27th of May, live on YouTube. You can also witness the event first-hand at Blouberg Beachfront.

If you’re as sadistic as me, then click on through to either their Facebook page or Twitter account and like/follow them. Even if it’s just to watch some okes drink themselves into a coma, at the very least you’ll help promote this local gaming scene.

Good luck guys! You’re going to need it.

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