E3 is next week, but already publishers and developers are teasing us with snippets of information on what to expect at the show. Microsoft is no exception and neither is the team behind upcoming Forza 4, Turn 10 Studios.

Desperate to shoe-horn any feature into the game that will put it “ahead of” the competition (PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo), Turn 10 has added Kinect functionality to Forza 4. That is relatively old news, but they promised head-tracking while racing and until now we have yet to see it in action.

Major Nelson has kicked his pre-E3 hype into overdrive and teamed up with the Forza folks to debut this feature. More is promised at E3 of course. As for the head-tracking itself, it’s quite a neat feature except for the glaringly obvious problem: you move your head to look around and kind of end up looking away from the TV. Solution: buy a bigger TV of course! See, money does solve everything.


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