Game Informer magazine has revealed their July cover and it sports a grim looking Horseman of the Apocalypse. Death will be your character as you dive back into the Abyss in Darksiders II. Other than that, very little is known at this point. That, however, will change at E3 next week when developers Vigil will in all likelihood show off the game a little more.

It’s great to see that the art style of the previous Darksiders remains intact with its World of Warcraft meets Warhammer kind of vibe. Death looks about ready to crack some skulls in the war between Heaven and Hell’s forces. Ironically it’s up to the Horseman to restore humanity, which was accidentally obliterated during the forced apocalypse or something – it was a while ago when I played Darksiders.

With each game focusing on a specific Horseman, Vigil has the potential to develop another two games in the series. Pestilence would be a lot of fun to play as but I’m trying to wrap my head around playing as Famine. Perhaps your weapon would be forced Bulimia or a sword in the shape of a feather that does “+5 to enemies’ purge desire”.

Source: Game Informer

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