Kinect support in Mass Effect 3 was mentioned a while ago by a representative for BioWare. At that stage, however, it was merely a “we’re looking into it” kind of comment. Judging by the reveal of the Xbox 360 version’s boxart, they seriously looked into it.

The above boxart was yanked from EA’s online store but it has since been removed and replaced by a vanilla version sporting less purple Kinect branding. It’s likely that Kinect support in Mass Effect 3 was going to be a reveal during Microsoft’s presentation at E3 next week.

According to the garish purple stripe, Mass Effect 3 will be “Better with Kinect” implying that use of the motion-sensing peripheral is entirely optional. Still, how it will be implemented is an interesting point to mull over. BioWare mentioned hand gestures during conversations some time ago, but the possibilities stretch beyond that I’m sure – like fist-bumping a Krogan, which would be awesome.

Source: Kotaku

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