Oh hey, you know what we all really need? Another f*****g digital distribution platform, that’s what. Good thing then that Electronic Arts is launching their own sometime today (Friday 03 June). It’s called “Origin”, which is a pretty crumby name to be honest.

The application will become EA’s online shopfront selling EA titles like The Sims and Battlefield etc. At launch you can expect about 150 games to be available, but it is possible that the catalogue could extend beyond EA published titles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Origin will allow you to track your games, interact with friends across its built-in social networking features and do all sorts of other things that Steam already does. You’ll also be able to send messages across platforms as well, which means no matter where your friends are you’ll be able to tell them how your EA game progress is going – aren’t they lucky.

Kotaku mentions a possible future feature of users being able to play a mobile phone mini game version of Battlefield 3 and then using the progression points to unlock upgrades on the PC version. That could be something quite neat if implemented correctly.

Pray to god that the whole thing works better than the EA Download Manager that gets crammed onto your PC with any EA game installation. Keep your eyes peeled as EA will likely explain Origin in more detail during E3.

Source: Kotaku

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