Sony’s new handheld toy, which might or might not but totally probably will be called “Vita”, has a lot going for it. The biggest thing? Not the touch screen or the touch-pad at the back of the device; the best feature the upcoming beastie sports is that which gamers have been wanting for ages: dual analogue sticks.

In the build-up to E3, Sony has revealed the backwards compatibility features for the NGP. As you’d expect, the entire PlayStation Network PSP game catalogue will be playable on the new handheld. All of your existing purchases will be transferable to an NGP – good news there. It gets better: your existing digital PSP games will be upscaled and smoothed to fit the NGP’s larger screen and take advantage of its extra power. The best news, however, is that the delicious dual analogue hardware will be supported as well. PSP title Resistance Retribution has been demoed on the NGP, with the dual analogue sticks controlling movement just like they would if you were playing on a console.

What about your existing pile of UMDs?

That’s one of the cons; wave those goodbye. This, however, should not be a surprise seeing as we’ve know the NGP will not support UMD disks for a while now. Still, it would have been nice to be given access to digital copies of the games one owns on UMD. Obviously the logistics of this are fairly insane however.

Still, for those of you who abandoned UMDs years ago in favour of digital PSN purchases for your PSP or PSP Go, then you’re in luck. Here’s hoping Sony keeps this backwards compatibility this time and doesn’t remove it in future builds of the device so that they can start repackaging “High-Def” versions of PSP games on the new NGP format.

Source: Eurogamer

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