Microsoft registers new domains – one for a new Fable game

It feels completely redundant posting news like this what with E3 kicking off this week, but Microsoft has registered domains for four unannounced games. The registrations were picked up and tweeted by Superannuation, who labelled them as “things that MS will announce on Monday”. Hey, Monday is today!

So if all is true, Microsoft will be announcing Fable – The Journey during their press event at E3. Further registrations for Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports Season 2 as well as something called Kinect Fun Labs were also filed.

A new Fable already? Does the inclusion of the subtitle “The Journey” mean that this is a spinoff release and not another chapter in the series? It seems like just the other day that Fable III got released, and the game has only recently become available on PC. The good news is that, assuming these domain registrations are anything to go by, we’ll know by this evening once Microsoft starts their presentation.

Source: Kotaku