As was expected, Sony discussed their new portable device during their E3 presentation. The NGP is now known as the PlayStation Vita as was hinted at yesterday via a trademark registration. The good news is that it’s out this year during spring in South Africa.

The even better news is the price. At the moment there’s pricing in US dollars, pounds and euros only, but from those amounts its fairly easy to gauge just how much the little beastie will set you back once it hits our shores. The standard wi-fi only model costs €249.99 (about R2500.00) and the 3G with wi-fi model costs €299.99 (about R3000.00). Much to Europe and the UK’s disgust, the PSV will cost the same amount in the USA, just in dollars.

We already know about quite a few games launching alongside the PlayStation Vita, but a few more big franchise names have been announced. Titles making the jump to Sony’s new toy include ModNation Racers (an entirely new game and not a port of 2009’s title), Street Fighter X Tekken (which will include Cole from inFamous as a playable character) and a new BioShock.

Source: Eurogamer

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