Pikmin 3 is still coming, just not for Wii

Nope! The long-awaited third instalment in the beloved Pikmin franchise will be heading to Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U. I guess that means the Wii U is… the Chosen One. HA! Yeah, I’m not going to get tired of the Wii U and Kung Pow references. Ever.

According to Pikmin designer Shigeru Miyamoto, development of Pikmin 3 is quite far along but he made the decision to switch platforms after he saw what the Wii U has to offer in terms of hi-def gaming and alternate input methods. Miyamoto told E3 attendees that he thought the Wii U was “the perfect system for Pikmin. So we’re going to make it for that”.

Pikmin 3 was originally mentioned back in 2008. Its Wii release was supposed to coincide with the series’ tenth anniversary this year. You can look forward to more Pikmin very soon, providing you pick up one of Nintendo’s new consoles that is.

Source: Kotaku