Telltale’s Walking Dead carves its own path

We haven’t learned much about Telltale Games’ upcoming episodic series based on comic book/TV series The Walking Dead since its announcement. Seems the focus is squarely on Jurassic Park for the time being. We’ve now got another snippet of info that’ll be interesting to fans of the franchise: it won’t retell the story told by its counterparts.

This means that Rick Grimes is not the star of Telltale’s interactive show. Instead we’ll witness the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of Lee Everett. Lee is a criminal who runs into a spot of luck when those pesky undead politely rid him of his police escort. He’ll be joined by a seven-year old girl named Clementine. Telltale has revealed that Clementine will help keep Lee’s morality in check as the pair struggle to survive a world gone all decrepit and gross.

It seems that even though this is an all-new tale, we’ll still cross paths with familiar characters like Lilly and Glenn. While Lee and Clementine fight to escape Atlanta, Rick Grimes is battling to get into the city, so the two stories still coincide.