Peter Molyneux introduced the world to the next Fable game during the Microsoft E3 presentation last week. The new game, subtitled The Journey, will feature complete Kinect integration and appeared to be an on rails experience judging by what was shown.

Once the news was disseminated out into the world, that whole “on rails” thing became the main area of focus for many. The demonstration didn’t blow minds as Peter Molyneux always aims to do. He blames the lack of time allocated to him by Microsoft to show off his new game during the presentation.

Molyneux was so convinced that the debut destroyed any chance of the game appealing to people that he rounded up a bunch of journalists at E3 and made them sign a wall agreeing to tell the world that Fable: The Journey is not an on rails spin-off, but a fully fledged, core game with player navigation.

The damage control video can be seen bellow, but the gist of it has Molyneux confessing that he’d made a “horrendous mistake” with the presentation and that the next Fable game will not be an on rails experience.


According to Molyneux, Microsoft approached Lionhead and asked them to develop a game for Kinect that will bring in the core gamers. According to Molyneux, his studios’ work on Milo and Kate had given them a lot of Kinect experience, but the task is still a daunting one. Molyneux attributes this to the fact that “the core, as such, are really tied to their controllers”. It’s likely that certain elements from the now shelved Milo and Kate will make an appearance in Fable: The Journey. If that’s the case then it might be somewhat premature to write-off The Journey as Kinect shovelware.

Source: CVG article 1 and article 2

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