This shouldn’t surprise anyone really, but in a conversation with Eurogamer, id CEO and co-owner Todd Hollenshead said that they are expecting two-thirds of the sales of Rage to be split across the consoles, leaving a third for the PC.

Unsurprisingly, id are developing for the market that will see a larger install base but that doesn’t mean the PC version is getting gimped in any way. According to Hollenshead: “Maybe it’s 70 per cent among the consoles and 30 on the PC, or maybe 75, 25. But we’re still talking two-thirds plus of the sales being on PS3 or Xbox 360”.

This in turn affected how coders and testers interacted with the PC version. Hollenshead mentions that the people working on the PC version of Rage were forbidden to use a mouse and keyboard. Instead, they were all tasked with using a USB Xbox 360 controller. In doing so, all of the people involved in the PC version would have played through the game on a controller before moving onto the mouse and keyboard.

“In game development, you have to tailor your gameplay to where you expect people to play it on,” Hollenshead explained.  “If we’re going to expect one third, one third and one third of sales to be across those three platforms, so that means two-thirds of our sales are going to be on console, we’re going to make sure we have that gameplay feel tight first.”

id has been very PC oriented in the past, so this switch in development procedure is a big change for the company. Traditionally, any id games would have been ported to consoles from the PC version, but according to Hollenshead that method is “in the past” for id. “Ultimately, we learnt that’s not the way you should do it.”

Good news for console gamers then.

Source: Eurogamer

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