And it sounds as if he’s going to be a playable character as well. This has all been revealed via a pre-order incentive posting on American retailer Best Buy’s website. According to the post, which has now been removed, if people pre-order Bats’ next outing through Best Buy, they’ll receive an unlock code for Robin as a playable character in certain challenge rooms.

This brings the amount of playable characters up to three, as it was previously revealed that players will take on the role of Catwoman at certain points in the game. We’re all for variety when it comes to comic book games, but Robin “the boy wonder”? Not sure. At least for now he remains confined to the challenge rooms as there’s been no mention of him appearing in the single player campaign.

Depending on your love for Batman’s slightly lame sidekick, this might be good or bad news. If the latter, then be grateful that this pre-order incentive is only available in America – at least for now that is. Robin will not be a platform exclusive, unlike The Joker in the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum.

Source: Destructoid

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