See what I did with that there heading? I amaze myself sometimes. Not really, but whatever. First, the good news, courtesy of Eurogamer: THQ has announced that Homefront 2 development is a thing that is happening. Depending on how you felt about the original game, perhaps you won’t see that as good news. Regardless, their goal is to rectify the mistakes that were made with the first game – and that is indisputably good news, because Homefront had a ton of potential. Apparently the mixed critical reception didn’t stop the original from selling well enough to justify a sequel.

Now for some sad times: New York-based Homefront developer Kaos Studios is now closed. THQ says this is part of “a strategic realignment” which will see THQ’s Montreal studio (which you’ll remember was recently joined by Patrice Désilets, former Assassin’s Creed/Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time superstar) handling development of the sequel. The Kaos employees who now find themselves in a spot of bother will be afforded “the opportunity to interview for open positions with the company globally.” We wish everyone affected by the studio closure the best of luck and hopefully they’ll all find sure footing soon.

You can find more info on all these happenings over at Eurogamer.

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