A few weeks ago, back when we were still calling Sony’s new handheld the NGP, a tech demo video was released that was a little underwhelming. Sure the graphics were quite a leap forward in terms of a gaming handhelds, but it wasn’t anything like what we’d seen demoed on stage by Sony brass.

The team that brought you the first PlayStation Vita tech demo has put together another one with a fantasy RPG kind of vibe running through it. Much like the first clip, this is a fly-by through a city, however it’s a hell of a lot more detailed and prettier than the first offering’s bland, urban look.

That all being said, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is still the prettiest looking PSV title we’ve been shown. I’m beginning to notice a trend with Naughty Dog and their ability to squeeze gorgeous visuals out of Sony hardware.


Via: Kotaku

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