The only two E3 videos you need to see

E3! I love that show; it really is like a gamer’s Christmas slap-bang in the middle of the year. A lot of awesome content explodes out of the LA Convention Centre and keeping track of it all can be somewhat difficult. This year was no exception, with a megaton of new games and long-awaited sequels dangled in front of us.

It’s a good thing then that the folks at Polygamia (a Polish gaming website) have spliced together an E3 video that shows all of the biggest games of the show. Well, the biggest games of the show if you have zero interest in anything by Nintendo, because there isn’t a scrap of Mario of Link to be found.


The second trailer has actual*, real** proof that Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was at E3 this year, but that nobody really cared because most people are beginning to forget about it. That and because nobody loves the PC anymore. Obviously.


**completely fake