Like Google, Angry Birds is taking over the world

It’s called Angry Birds Magic and developer Rovio is utilising it to bring Angry Birds into the real world. Yeah, into Real Life – that thing that gets in the way of your gaming. They’re not training different breeds of birds to fend off errant pigs, they’re utilising the real world as a means to unlock new levels in Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Magic will make use of NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. This tech is gaining momentum and will soon be in most cell phones and handheld devices. NFC allows people with supporting devices to make physical contact with other NFC objects or other phones. By touching your handheld to an NFC device, a data swap occurs or in this case, new levels get unlocked for Angry Birds.

NFC coding can be hidden in pretty much anything, so Rovio expects to utilise stickers and labels on their Angry Birds merchandise in order to distribute levels. If you buy an Angry Birds pig plushy, you might get an NFC tag in the label, or something to that effect.

It’s a neat way of promoting your brand and ensuring people stay glued to Angry Birds no matter where they are in public. There will also be Magic Places; areas in public places where people can acquire new levels simply by playing the game. And for devices that don’t support NFC? Rovio says they’ll utilise GPS co-ordinates to unlock levels on those devices.

Soon we will all bow to our avian overlords and make ritualistic, green pig sacrifices every fortnight to satiate their vengeful anger. I for one am looking forward to it.

Source: ReadWriteWeb