Remember a few weeks ago when EA announced they were bringing a new contender to the digital distribution scene? They announced their Steam competitor which is dubbed Origin. Looks like things are getting serious for EA because they’ve just pulled Crysis 2 from Steam.

Is this the beginning of the end for EA’s catalogue on Valve’s distribution platform? It could be, but so far Crysis 2 is the only EA title to be pulled. Other EA games such as Dragon Age II and Bulletstorm are still available. Interestingly, Steam is the only digital shopfront that’s had EA’s latest sci-fi FPS removed; it’s still available on platforms like Direct2Drive and Impulse.

Incidentally, Alice: Madness Returns launched today in the USA and, surprise, it’s not available on Steam but only on EA’s Origin and Direct2Drive if you wanted to get a digital copy. It all seems as if EA is making a stand against Steam if other digital distributors are still allowed to sell EA titles. Those of you who are vehemently opposed to another Steam-like application sitting on your PC had better get over it, because in all likelihood Battlefield 3 will require Origin, much like Half-Life 2 required Steam when it launched back in 2004.

Source: Kotaku

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