Alright, so it’s not an exclusive character per se, so don’t expect a Gears of War character or (shudder) Master Chief to make an appearance. It is, however, a pretty neat exclusive deal for the upcoming DLC.

As you should know by now, there is a string of downloadable characters on its way to the Mortal Kombat reboot. There are four new fighters being added to the line up starting with Skarlet, who lands on 21 June. The exclusive offer for Xbox 360 users is a Season Pass for 1200 MS Points, which will give you all four of the DLC characters as they are slowly released over the coming weeks. On their own they’d each cost 400 MS Points, which means you save 400 MS Points when you pick up the Season Pass.

Before you online junkies freak out that you might not be able to use DLC characters against online opponents who haven’t purchased the DLC, don’t panic just yet because NetherRealm Studios has you covered. They’re releasing a free compatibility pack alongside the Skarlet DLC. This pack will allow those who won’t splurge on extra characters to play against people who have and vice-versa.  To entice everyone into downloading the compatibility pack (why not kompatibility pack – missed branding opportunity FTL) you’ll get Cyrax and Sektor classic skins for free. Hooray!

Sources: Eurogamer & True Achievements

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