It’ll support Kinect, not require it so don’t implode from venomous rage or anything. This news comes from an interview between GameSpot and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer who told the website: “As a first party we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games, be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse — even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration.”

And that’s pretty much all he said about it, which means nobody other than those developing the Anniversary Edition of the first Halo game have an idea about how Kinect will be integrated. Hopefully it won’t be for controlling Warthogs or anything because the ordinary controller mapping for that is tricky enough.

Maybe we’ll get to physically flail around and kick at those annoying little squiddy guys that attack you once The Flood gets released? Oh right, The Flood, that’s why I’m not excited about this remake.

Source: Destructoid

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