Here’s an official trailer (likely a TV spot or something) for the PS Vita’s new input methods: the rear touch pad and the built-in, motion-sensing gyroscope of magic and wizardry. The best part is that they show off the new toys while using everyone’s favourite one-liner spewing treasure hunter, Nathan Drake.

Those of you who are afraid of these new-fangled input methods need not worry because Naughty Dog has assured the gaming world that the touch pad and motion sensing controls will be entirely optional. That being said, it looks as if they’ve implemented them really well; I particularly like being able to move the PS Vita to change the camera view while Drake scrambles his way up cliffs and such.

The more I see of the PS Vita, the more I want to pick one up the day they come out. Now if only Rockstar would put together a PS Vita Red Dead Redemption – that would make the PS Vita a done deal.


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