You got Deus Ex in my real life

Do you have an iOS device that has a camera? Oh good, then head on over to the App store and pick up the Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR Missions app and get ready for a scavenger hunt that we in South Africa will only be able to partially get involved with.

The clever marketing peeps over at Square Enix have launched a real life QR scavenger hunt that will provide registered users with in-game benefits and other goodies for your efforts. For those who don’t know what the hell this QR stuff is: QR codes are those black and white pixely, barcode thingies you see inside magazines and on websites. Scanning them with a QR reader (like the Deus Ex one you’ll need to download) sends you to the necessary information online.

Once you register using Facebook Connect, you’ll gain access to the game’s exlcusive content section on its Facebook page. There you’ll find the first of many QR codes to get you started. New codes will be released each week, and hints as to where to find the other codes in the real world will be provided via Eidos-Montreal’s Twitter feed. So what does this stuff unlock?

Some of the QR codes will unlock mundane stuff like character bios, exclusive clips and whatnot, but others will provide you with access codes to unlock secret rooms when you’re playing Deus Ex: HR – neat!

Each code scanned will earn you 10 points. Everybody who plays will be earning points for the whole group. Earn enough points and you’ll get free stuff delivered to your console of choice. For example: if the entire group manages to net a million points before the game releases on 23 August, then everyone gets an Avatar prop for their Xbox 360 Avatar or Home Avatar. The first 1000 people to find ten codes will get a theme for either the PS3 or Xbox 360 – your choice.

So if you have time to kill and you’re into this AR sort of stuff, hop onto the App Store and start searching the internet for QR codes. Sadly, unless you have way too much money and want to hop on an aeroplane to the USA, the real-life QR codes will be out of reach – until people scan them and upload them onto the internet that is.

Source: Eurogamer

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