Anya wants to teach you about Horde 2.0

And she sounds pretty serious, so I’d pay attention unless you want a Lancer bayonet stuck somewhere unpleasant.

This is a three minute briefing video that details all the new bits in Gears of War 3’s Horde mode. For those who don’t know what Horde mode is (and honestly, you really should because it’s the most fun you’ll have on Xbox Live), it’s a co-operative multiplayer mode in which you and a group of buddies have to fend off wave after wave of increasingly tougher enemies.

Epic has included things like: trading weapons with team mates, building turrets and barriers, a cash system to pay for placed defences, and wave objectives like having to execute a set amount of enemies for a bonus payout. To hell with the single-player campaign, when this game hits on 20 September, I’m diving right into the multiplayer.


Via: Joystiq