A while back, we posted a story on TechCrunch’s unearthing of a Microsoft patent for something called NUAds – an advertising service that makes use of Kinect so that consumers can interact with whatever advert is in front of them.

Here is the official explanation video from Microsoft. It’s not intended for gamers like you and me, but rather for the companies that Microsoft is wooing with this NUAds proposal. It all looks fairly basic in implementation so far, with simple voice commands and hand gestures that allow you to Tweet a specific advert or vote in poles. It’s pretty dull to be honest, but just wait for some of the cleverer advertising types to get going with this.

It’s also worth noticing how badly this is sitting with gamers; as of right now this video has just over a hundred “Likes” to over four thousand “Dislikes”.


Via: Kotaku

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