"Didja buy me? Tough cookies!"

In an interview with Develop Online, Valve has admitted that since it launched the Mann Co in-game hat-store for Team Fortress 2, it had been toying with going Free-To-Play. Now, that toying has become a reality. As part of this week’s Uber Update, the game will require no monies whatsoever to start playing.

Launched in 2007, Team Fortress 2 came out of the Orange Box swinging with some of the best class-based team-focused first-person gameplay the world had ever known. Then came the various class updates that added more weapons (and dubious balance changes), and finally an all-out micropayment hat simulator and even more dubious balance changes and plenty of hats.

Where will Team Fortress 2 go from here? The same place it’s gone every night, Pinky. To Steam, so 12-year-olds can scream in your ear over voicecomms about how they’ll report you if you don’t trade them scrap metal right now. The internet is an amazing place.

Here is Meet The Medic:


(The last Meet The video, Meet The Spy, was two years ago!)

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